Our Team

Service & Quality. Why should it be any different when it comes to management consultants? Our success is solely based on the quality and services delivered by our team and on the relationships we foster with our clients. We won’t “steal your watch to tell you the time” but we will fix the watch, and polish it up so that you can read the time for yourself.

Never sacrificing customer care, building strong relationships, genuine concern about our client’s success and independence… Simply put, that’s the level of service we continue to believe in and build upon (and might we add, that’s how it all started, 10 years ago).


Jae Cooper

Lisa Makar

Trevor Murphy




Our people are a team that is passionate about empowering our clients to be successful while creating the best possible experience for them.


Morgan Shields

Debbie Sherwood

Judy Wong

Ed Ord

Chris Tang

Denise Walker

Rob Jawanda

Hayley Rissley

Justin Beadle

Anna Baker

Harry Baker

Ellen Coburn


Michael Leboldus

Danielle Burton


Meaghan Smith

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Senior Associates


Bob Duggan

Peter Durrant

Steve MacDonald

Anthony Roy

Scott Wilkinson




Kristin Atwood

Tom Barker

Grant Brager

Cheryl Broeren

Connie Harrison

S. Kazim Hussain

Maria Lobanova

Anita Lunden

Sebastian Silva

Fran Shields

Steve Shields

Lori Skrip

Rod Stewart

Jenny Sutherland

Patty Walker

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