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– Data Governance –
– Maturity Assessments –
– Service Model Design and Implementation –

Business analytics is a process designed to help organizations meet their information needs using data to reveal insights, and drive smarter decisions.

Reporting of singular data may take us only so far towards understanding challenges we face today, so we use analytics to seek out unknown or hidden correlations.

By examining multiple “levels” of data and graphically mapping results with visualization tools, we can discover important patterns and discover clues “hiding in plain sight” to help solve problems, or predict and mitigate problems before they have a chance to grow.

Elevate’s analytics experts use a wide-range approach for maximum benefit to organizations. The first step is to assess and advise on the ability to leverage analytics – a maturity assessment of the current state. Then we employ leading edge techniques and statistical methods to uncover compelling information critical for evidence-based decision making.

We work with our clients to design and implement standards, tools and service models, thus enabling and building internal capacity to use analytics and continue the cycle of discovery.

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