Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.

W.R. Purch

It’s not just a matter of having the best; but having the right fit. Get a hold of us with your details if you think you might be a fit with our team.

Our strength has resulted from the breadth of diversity of our team. Consistent with our values, we welcome enquiries from all individuals.

Who we are

Elevate is a business management consulting firm. This means we help our clients solve problems. We provide a wide range of services including planning, organizational transformation, change management, stakeholder engagement, procurement and more. We work on both small short-term projects and large multi-year complex projects. We are dedicated to understanding the true needs of our clients and working with them to identify optimum solutions tailored to address those needs.

Why would you want to work with Elevate Consulting

You need a passion for service to work here. Our greatest joy is seeing others succeed. We take pride in providing quality work and we have a lot of fun doing it. This is a place for people who are committed to providing the best results; perfectionists; and people who are energized by challenges. If you think being a consultant is all about going to meetings and telling people what you think they should do, then you won’t fit in here. Consulting is hard and challenging work. We produce and deliver a significant amount for our clients. They expect a lot from us, and we demand a lot from our team members. We are a small firm, so every team member is expected to be actively engaged on leading or supporting projects – from project management to facilitation to the creation of deliverables, and everything in between. And we love it!

What kind of people are we hiring

What we are looking for:

We’re interested in meeting you if you have:

  • Critical thinking skills and an ability to apply professional judgement to solving complex problems
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Exceptional writing skills and the ability to self-edit
  • The ability to follow instructions, pay meticulous attention to details and understand why that matters
  • A commitment to going the extra mile and an obsession for delivering on quality
  • A genuine curiosity, openness to learning, and desire to ask questions
  • A readiness to be a team player and interested in working in a flexible, intrapreneurial-style work environment

In the interest of your time and ours, we’d prefer you don’t apply if you:

  • Can’t type, or don’t know your way around office products (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, etc.) – we spend a lot of time in front of a computer developing materials for our clients
  • Can’t handle multiple competing priorities
  • Aren’t comfortable in a self-starting, autonomous environment
  • Like the sound of your own voice more than the clients’ or the teams
  • Think consulting is “easy”

What we want to hear from you

If this sounds like the kind of organization you see yourself thriving in, then let’s have a conversation. Send us a 1 or 2-page resume along with a 1-page cover letter by email (no phone calls please) to

Your cover letter will include:

    • A summary of why you and Elevate are meant for each other
    • A clear understanding of what your expectations are for the value you are bringing
    • Your expectations around compensation (not “salary is negotiable”)
    • Which office you would be closest to: Edmonton or Victoria

    We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only candidates under consideration will be contacted. Short-listed candidates will be asked to complete a brief sample assignment demonstrating their skills.

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