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Two things make for greatness in online learning: exceptional content design and exceptional creative design. Of the two content is king and if not done well, quality learning cannot occur.

Online learning took center stage in 2020 and as we head into 2021, the demand for quality learning and communications is rapidly emerging as a key competitive differentiator and an essential requirement for skill development.

With a focus on adult learning principles, modern instructional design practices and leading-edge design and development, we deliver thoughtfully constructed materials that place the learner at the forefront regardless of industry or subject matter.

We work with clients to assess and analyze learning needs, capture essential information, and transition materials into visual storyboards. This process performs double-duty; it clarifies purpose and objectives while shifting perspective toward the learner. By placing the learner in the forefront, content is designed with context and connection. It flows with ease, is intuitive to navigate, and contains the skillful use of media and interactions that support, rather than adorn content. The result is shortened on-screen time and engaging content the learner can identify with that helps increase retention long after learning is completed.

This unwavering focus on the learner is our differentiator; we deliver consistently high-quality learning solutions that people genuinely enjoy experiencing and which enable tangible client benefits.

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