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The field of project management has proliferated incrementally in recent decades, as programs and projects become increasingly complex. By their nature, projects are temporary, undertaken to deliver a unique service or product, and often come with extremely high expectations from all stakeholders.

Effective project management maintains the balance of a project’s three main components: time, cost, and scope, (any or all of which may change and shift over the course of the endeavour) while at the same time preserving the integrity of the finished product or service. Over the course of a project, some change is inevitable, and nothing worth doing comes risk free. This need not be problematic if risks and change are anticipated and managed well.

Elevate’s consultants are trained and certified in project management methodologies, but beyond “book learning” we take a wider view to what makes project management truly effective. We are pragmatic more than dogmatic in our approach: while decisions are underpinned by respected and time-tested best practices, they also have to be realistic and based on common sense.

Above all, we focus on the people side of initiatives, ensuring there is communication with the people involved with and affected by the undertaking, supporting them as the project delivers on its intended outcome.

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